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Project Management

O'Donnell Griffin has developed an excellent reputation for delivering high quality project outcomes, even in the most challenging environments.

Proven project management experience enables O'Donnell Griffin to confidently offer innovative solutions to customers which achieve the desired project results in a cost-effective format.   

Our flexible and robust project management systems and processes provide customers with the confidence that their most challenging requirements are delivered on-time and on-budget.   

Our experienced project teams are made up of dedicated personnel who have specialist skills to suit each project’s requirements. These multi-disciplined teams are headed by a senior Project Manager, who has the delegated and full responsibility for the project.  

The Project Manager manages the complete life cycle of a project, from handover by O'Donnell Griffin estimators to final completion and subsequent handover to our Maintenance team. The life cycle and scope of O'Donnell Griffin's project management system can be broken down into distinct stages:

  • project creation
  • commencing a project
  • progressively managing a project
  • completing a project.  

The management of a project includes various aspects including commercial operation, OH&S, quality control, and general administration.  

A typical project management leadership team will include the following key people:

  • Project Manager
  • Design Manager
  • Construction Supervisor
  • Contract Administrator . 

Customer Handover  

Once the installation has been fully completed, commissioned and tested, and the Operations and Maintenance Manuals completed as per contractual obligations, an official handover to the customer is conducted.

To ensure correct project handover to the customer, the following procedures are followed:  

  • conducting a walk through of the installation
  • providing an explanation of the overall operation of the system
  • carrying out periodic testing of the system to demonstrate correct operation
  • handing over the Operations and Maintenance Manual(s) to the customer
  • having the Practical Completion Certificate signed off by the customer
  • keeping a copy of the customer’s Practical Completion Certificate in the project file.  

If applicable, official training with the customer's personnel can be conducted prior to the handover of the system.